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segala yang bakal tercoret dan dicoretkan, hanya sebagai renungan dan cerita semata from da experiences, tanpa ada kaitan ngan mane-mana pihak...(^,~)

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Jan 5, 2011

it has been month, my fr0ggy bl0g has not been updated ..hee...
t0oo buzi or no mo0d to write..aishh..(thinking..)

okies, actlly noting much to b updated..

have u ever make ur own 0RIGAMI?
yeap, 0rigami, n0oottt p0ligamy, oke!!

di masa-masa saya ke'BORIM'am..hehe..i found 0ne webpage of how t0 create an origami of 'a crane' & 'tulips"..

hahaa, surprisingly, i did it verii well..cumell, oke!
i did few..kui3..

da next day, during clas, since im stil in da mo0d of making origami..
i do teach my international students to make tulips..

n they cud create other kinds of 0rigami as well...
i take it as keep it..
s0oo lovely!!

let's check it out!

chumelll kan??

Cheers & Lurve~