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Nov 22, 2010

n0t s0oo g0od day~~

ouchhh!! n0t s0oo g0od day, t0day!

like a f00l, with n0 well preparati0n,..
wif a dull envir0nment..
hev a game, n it d0esn't go sm0oth..

if i cud turn myself t0 a small n tiny bee..
f0r sure, im going to hide myself behind the wall, with opened windows, quietly, i fly out fr0m themm..far..and farrrrr away!!

veri sad, i am still am0ng them..
think..n think fast of wat im going t0 d0 next..
mybe i shud give them a 10 minutes break, so dat, i do hev time to plan f0r my strategy..
ouwhh n0!! they refuse!!
since they wanna g0 back early for lunch, they wanna continue wif da discussion, with0ut any breaks!

g0shh!! i hevn't had any plan f0r da times remain!!
i hev t0 put a st0p f0r dis!

i giv dem wif l0ts of exercises..ask dem t0 c0py d0wn the exercises n acc0mplish it as da h0mework!
since, i wont b around for tw0 days..

i need t0 b well prepared!!
i need t0 plan my less0n!!

huhh..a very bad badd baddd day!


Cheers & Lurve~