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...Fr0gGY bL0G..

segala yang bakal tercoret dan dicoretkan, hanya sebagai renungan dan cerita semata from da experiences, tanpa ada kaitan ngan mane-mana pihak...(^,~)

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Jan 26, 2010

Class of 2010~

yeehaaa!!! hepiieeyy~

hepiiee n bersemangat~ dat's wat i feel rite now..
kelas dr 9-11am ari nie..
dari umah agi, rasa berdebar, xb'semangat nak masuk kelas..
mybe, coz da teaching materials aren't well prepared...
aquaculture's students are quite advanced..
n i've to teach EOP, which me myself not hev much knowledge
bout dis subject...huhuu..

da swit thing is, i quite enjoy my clas today..
~wif their presentations, how they deliver da presentations..:)...
0ne of da chinese girl keep pronouncing,

message=meshage (wif da sound 'sshh')...

it's it sounds like a baby talk..hehee...
n also sha'ban who tries to fix da comp n keeps restating it..hahaa,
eventhough, it's no need to do so...but, thanx sha'ban for your help..^-^

but da best part is, mad suggested me to hev a video
as one of da presentation next wek..yeappp!!
dat's a gud n interesting idea..sukee~
n i'll use it for other clas..~video of telephone conversation~ da videos will look like eh?
hehee..mybe, i'll post da videos here, nxt week...
it seems dat da students give gud response to my teaching...
n it's welcomed for da students to give me suggestions, ideas to improve my teaching...
as well as complaint for any matters...'s though to be here, wif a little knowledge dat i've..
but, i try to give da best to my students...
as i'm here to facilitate n guide them..n b their frens as well..
n i'll never stop to improve myself...chaiy0ookkk!!
my next aim~ to b da master holder in english language..

Jan 25, 2010

l0ve? like?

my sis keep asking me da differences between l0ve and like..
how they differ...

i've n0 answer for dat, as i'm bad in expressing it in words, but it's sumting dat we feel inside..
then, i found dis..mybe it can b da best answer f0r her..

Love vs Like

never leave the one you (LOVE)
for the one you (LIKE)
because the one you (LIKE) will leave you
for the one they (LOVE)
the one you (LIKE) will give you goosebumps;
the one you (LOVE) will make you laugh
and send shivers down your spine.

When the one you (LIKE) cries, you feel sorry for them;
but when the one you (LOVE) cries, you cry for them.
True Love Doesn't Have A Happy Ending
True Love Never Ends...

dedicated t0 my sis, kak cik~

baby mia ^-^

mia maisara (10 hari)

cumellnyee baby mia tdoo..

mia maisara wan fadzli..
1st anak sedara en.B..comel bangat..
waahh, da jadi pakcik la en. B..n aku auntie ..hehe
geram betol nengok baby..
chubby, cumel, bulat, lembut..
nk dapat baby sendiri, lmbat agi..
numpang kasih baby orang jela..

i.Allah, 2 taun agi...aku=mama...=)