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segala yang bakal tercoret dan dicoretkan, hanya sebagai renungan dan cerita semata from da experiences, tanpa ada kaitan ngan mane-mana pihak...(^,~)

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Nov 10, 2010

awes0me!! hard days~~

awes0me! life wil b veri tight, f0r dis wh0le 2 months!! n0 play2, bebehhh~~
...may Allah ease my days...

wahahaa..i like it!! really!! xtipu!
days, life n brain need to b pr0grammed n scheduled for th0se workload!

but stil, i l0v it!! kui3..

..starting next week, it'l b packed n tight..

wat a w0nderful time!!

*Individual Speech (for da whole 7 days, listen t0 alm0st 160 speeches! ears wil b bleed'g, my heart wil b burnt! plissss, d0nt giv me creepy speeches!!)

*Marking Papers (cant imagine of l0ts of bundles of assignments, speech outlines, exam papers t0 b marked!! help me!!)

*BEP (Basic English Proficiency as intensive english for foreigner's students..
2hours, everyday, for almost 2 months!! haiyaaa...struggle, bebehh!)

.....ouhhh, deadlines!!.....

[still tersenyumm...;) ]

Allah, d0 help me! gimme strength! n do ease my journey of life!

hev fun days, guys!!

Cheers & Lurve~