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segala yang bakal tercoret dan dicoretkan, hanya sebagai renungan dan cerita semata from da experiences, tanpa ada kaitan ngan mane-mana pihak...(^,~)

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Nov 8, 2010

hey si kacak! si chantek! tEnYum..~~

..Kacak luar, kacak dalam..
...Kacak dengar sini..
..Kalau saya senyum..
..Awak mesti senyum sekali..
..Kalau kita senyum..
..Semua orang berjangkit..
..Bila semua orang senyum..
Dunia tiada penyakit...

..Tak perlu kata apa-apa..

Ay cantik luar ...cantik dalam.. cantik dengar sini..
..Kalau cantik senyum.. cantik mesti cantik lagi..
..Senyum sikit nak tengok ada tak lesung pipit....
Kalau tak ada pun aku masih mahu cubit..

..Ay buai tinggi-tinggi sampai ke puncak awan..
..Dengan kumulus dan nimbus aku berkawan..
...Aku bukan rupawan aku bukan jutawan..
..Tapi aku punya satu senyuman yang menawan...

...Tu boleh pun senyum cantiknya gigi..
..Sepuluh markah penuh seharusnya ku beri..
...Wanita hari ini harus pepandai puji..
Kalau dia jual mahal boleh cuba lagu ini..


Cheers & Lurve~

wat i learn fr0m..out of nf0n battery~~

0ne whole day with0ut any ringing of incoming call n message, d0es teach me al0t..
at dat time, i really need to save up the battery life..
c0z with0ut keep contact with en.B n frens gives great impact!
dat's is my early assumption!

but, view changed..i learnt a lot yesterday..

First lesson~ it taught me not t0 act up t0o much! hehe...da day before, saya g pusing & survey kat banyak kedai nset, to get the lower prices of nfon charger.. they offered me with RM's t0o much for me, coz in terengganu, i can get with only RM 10...RM5 is BIG AMOUNT for me!!
then, at BIllion Supermarket, i found one with RM10..
thus, i was acting up to en.B saying dat,
"tengok, kan saya da gtaw, ada la charger harga RM 10! n i found it..hehee..fuhh, save duit!"
but, yesterday, i left dat charger at home, eventhough i'd packed it up..
las nait, baru i realize dat it's not with me..hmm..
i needed to buy a new one, to use it, here..
at last, i needed to spend more money to buy a new one..

Second lesson~ las nite, i watched drama n did on marking students' papers without any interference! tido n bangun pagi tanpa ade desakan atau kalut untuk entertain any incoming call n messages...wahh, AMAN nye HIDUP!!
if not, i kept on receiving messages n call from students...
asking me when i'm free and some want to sh0w me the outlines n bla..bla..
heyy students! do respect my private time!
d0 call n mssage me during day only, NOT at NIGHT!
even, during wekends, i still receive mssages n call from 'dem..
sori students, i need to rest n hev time wif my en.B..hahaa..

Third reason~ it made us missing each other a lots...en.B started worrying bout me, if he cudn't reach me wif call or no reply for his mssages...
wahh..i shud off or not charge my nf0n for several days, i think!
then, the feeling wil b fruity n str0nger ..kui3..

thus, we should appreciate for every single n small2 things happen..
there must b g0od n bad of it..

now, i really need a day without disturbance fr0m nf0n!
say NO to inc0ming call n messages!
(i cud stand for only 0ne whole day, i think..hihii..)

Cheers & Lurve~